Raena, Yem Sinu!
(Welcome, my Cousins!)

So you have aquired a curiosity for Jagumaterra?

Fear not!

My mind is ready and my tongue is willing to help you with whatever you may be wondering about. My heart was, after all, born and raised in Jagumaterra. My mind should know something about it.

Well! Having said that, my hope is that you will enjoy yourselves reading my posts and continuing your journey of discovering my home land.


Ennoir DeLeval

My Journal

29 days after Tar'opri

My feet are treading the peculiar dwelling of Regan while my mind researches your culture. This is where my tongue will tell of my discoveries while on your planet.

Today, for example, my eyes watched Regan's family swim in their personal pond, which Regan called a "swimming pool." Such a logical name, really. Regan's Rea took out a drying cloth and placed it on the floor, then laid on it. She told my ears it was called "tanning." Evidently, it is common practice with humans, females in particular, to lay out in the sun for certain periods of time to change the color of their skin from white to brown. According to my own understanding, the darker your skin is, the more attractive you are.

So far, no one has been able to give me a suitable answer as for the reasons of this behavior.

Can anyone explain it to me?