Raena, Yem Sinu!
(Welcome, my Cousins!)

So you have aquired a curiosity for Jagumaterra?

Fear not!

My mind is ready and my tongue is willing to help you with whatever you may be wondering about. My heart was, after all, born and raised in Jagumaterra. My mind should know something about it.

Well! Having said that, my hope is that you will enjoy yourselves reading my posts and continuing your journey of discovering my home land.


Ennoir DeLeval

Meddlesome Mondays

Every Monday my tongue will question any random human my feet come into contact with. It could be someone within the home my feet tread, it could be a creature my mind finds intriguing, or it could be you!

Today, my first guest is Taylijensen DeMesa, my hostess's youngest sister.

EdL: Welcome to Meddlesome Monday! Let's get going! What makes you different from every other human being?

Taylijensen: I like fish. Not to eat them, but, yeah, fish.

EdL: Interesting. What is your favorite activity?

Taylijensen: Playing Frisbee with my family.

EdL: What is Frisbee?

Taylijensen: It's where you throw a plastic circle to each other and catch it.

EdL: Sounds like fun! How do you use a spatula?

Taylijensen: Grab it by the handle, grab the food, flip it over, put it down or something.

EdL: What a useful little tool. What is your favorite food?

Taylijensen: Cereal.

EdL: What is cereal?

Taylijensen: Something you put in a bowl and put milk in it. It's made with sugar and other stuff, like maybe oats.

EdL: *Licks lips* Mmm . . . What is a "movie"?

Taylijensen: You put a disc into a machine that's hooked up to a TV. Then you press "Power." There are actors and actresses and costumes and scenery. It's like a play, but flat.

EdL: Now you're just confusing me. If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would it be?

Taylijensen: The moon.

EdL: Why?

Taylijensen: Because people say it’s made out of cheese, but I don’t believe that, I think it’s made out of rock.

EdL: Oh, okay. We're going to play a game where my tongue names an animal and you tell my ears if it's used for food or a pet. Ready?

Taylijensen: Sure!

EdL: Go! Dog.

Taylijensen: Used for a pet. Because it's not very tasty.

EdL: Chicken.

Taylijensen: Used for food or a pet. I don't know why, people just like chickens and they're good to eat.

EdL: Horse.

Taylijensen: A pet, because you can ride it.

EdL: Lizard.

Taylijensen: In Australia it’s used for food if you really need it, but mostly pets.

Edl: Tiger.

Taylijensen: Neither, 'cause tigers can kill you. For you guys they could be pets, but not for us.

EdL: Well, thank you for doing this interview, and my guessis that my eyes will see you later!

Taylijensen: Bye!

Thank you for reading Meddlesome Mondays! Catch next week, when my tongue attempts to communicate with the family dog, Edison!