Raena, Yem Sinu!
(Welcome, my Cousins!)

So you have aquired a curiosity for Jagumaterra?

Fear not!

My mind is ready and my tongue is willing to help you with whatever you may be wondering about. My heart was, after all, born and raised in Jagumaterra. My mind should know something about it.

Well! Having said that, my hope is that you will enjoy yourselves reading my posts and continuing your journey of discovering my home land.


Ennoir DeLeval

The Ancient Tongue

For those of you who may become confused with my foreign accent and terms.

Sentence Construction:

  1. Adjectives come before the noun. i.e. “Na rosenJaguma.” literally translates to “A pink Jaguma”
  2. The main object of a sentence is always capitalized. i.e. “Na lyiIrodi.” (A flying bird), or “Na utiHollow.” (A beautiful home)
  3. Adjectives are attached to the beginning of nouns to create one word.
  4. Adverbs are attached to the beginning of verbs to create one word.
abalae – An extremely rare white stone. Only the Birs’e know where to find it. A palace made of abalae was given to the royal family when the Birs’e and Jagumas combined forces and gained their first victory. Signifies the start of something new. (AB-uh-lay)
ad – bad/no/negative in a sentence (AHD)
ahn's – hands/create/hold (AH-nihs)
am'd – angry/scowl (AH-mihd)
an'g – teeth/bite/patience (AH-nihj)
arel – goodbye/to leave/distance (AH-rehl)
asel – lock/seal (AH-zehl)
aser – ear/to hear/understand (AH-sr)
Birs’e – Bird-like horses with long necks and metallic feathers. Used to be the other half of the Impenetrable Cavalry, but banished because of Jagumas' pride.
b'le – sort of/mediocre/lukewarm (buh-LEH)
ced – ten (KEHD)                             
chennet – ancient/old/a long time (CHEH-neht)
c'lamur – strong/muscles/conscience (kuh-LAH-mr)
dahe – head/smart/pride (DAH-hay)
de – feminine equivalent of “of” (DAY)
delin – city/town/group of people (DEH-lihn)
Delin-LounderAsel – Heart Lock City (DEH-lihn LOWN-dr-AH-zehl)
deoher – shoulder/shrug/expression (DAY-oh-hehr)
detos – slow/stupid (DAY-tohs)
di – masculine equivalent of “of” (DIE)
duqa – four (DUH-kuh)
dy – dry/infertile (DIE)
eb – are/be/is (EHB)
efele – weak/thin/fragile (eh-FEH-lay)
els – legs/run/life path (EHLZ)
emalat – sister (EHM-uh-lat)
ema'ma – niece (eh-MAH-mah)
em'rea – aunt (ehm-RAY-uh)
em'reo – uncle (ehm-RAY-oh)
ende – obligation/duty/have to (EHN-day)
enkes – knees/bend/resolution (EHN-kayz)
etch – chest/power (EHCH)
Et'edor – Prayer for Warmth asks the nar'Reos to help Jagumas remember what their ancestors have done for them. (EHT-uh-dohr)
ete – feet/walk/grounding (EH-tay)
ex – six (EHKS)
Flauby – chubby flab (fl-AH-bee)
fosrif – child/youth/greenie (FAHZ-rihf)
fost – soft/gentle (FAHST)
getro - A green precious stone. Given to those with a caring heart and friendly spirit. (GEH-troh)
ginleth – shining/chosen (GIHN-lehth)
gran – able/allowed (gr-AHN)
Harmeace – Peaceful Harmony (HAR-mee-ays)
hinsien – instructor (HIHN-seen)
igebr – sunny/bright (ee-GEH-br)
igefs – fingers/touch/detail (EE-gehfs)
igelsn – one (ee-GEHL-sn)
ikel – to compare/to admire (EE-kehl)
ilan – claws/authority (EE-lahn)
ileck - A type of stone used in building fortifying structures, such as walls. Amethyst purple in color. Signifies strength and fortitude. (IH-lehk)
ily – name to show dearness (IH-lee)
Int-L-Ned – enlightened intelligence (IHN-tehl-nehd)
inuq – five (EE-nuhk)
iqetu – quiet/hush (ee-KEH-too)
irah – hair/worth (EE-rah)
Irodi – A brightly-colored, pheasant-type bird hunted in Jagumaterra for food. (eer-OH-di)
Ishikarr – righteous gift (IH-shih-kahr)
itensi – A type of writing utensil made of a chalky stone. (i-TEHN-see)
jagaste – waste/feces/crap (juh-GAH-stay)
Jagumaterra – Planet of the Jaguar Humans (jah-GOO-muh-TEHR-uh)
kawae – awake/alert/paying attention (kuh-WAY)
kradem – marked/favorite (kr-AH-dehm)
lac'm – name (LAH-kihm)
Lanomise – Land of Promise (LA-noh-miz)
lase – asleep (LAH-see)
lehatun – sick (leh-HAH-toon)
Lestiem – heaven/sky/Dream Realm (LEHS-chehm)
leval – valley/flat (leh-VAHL)
levet – fur/beauty/mission (leh-VEHT)
lewl – healthy (LOO-ehl)
lit – tail/ego (LEET)
lounder – heart/love/feelings (LOWN-dr)
LounderRea – Heart Mother (LOWN-dr-RAY-uh)
LounderAsel – Heart Lock (LOWN-dr-AH-zehl)
lyi – to fly/jump (LIE-ee)
malat – brother (MAH-lat)
ma'ma – nephew (MAH-mah)
manod – move/travel (MA-nahd)
mars – arms/reach/balance (MAH-rz)
Monat – A hairless, wrinkled, primate-type creature that is hunted by Jagumas for food. (MAH-nat)
mort – death (MOHRT)
na – equivalent to “a” or “an” (NAH)
nar'Ratimta – The Great Imitator (NAH-ruh-TIHM-tuh)
nar'Rea – grandmother (nah-RAY-uh)
nar'Reo – grandfather (nah-RAY-oh)
nar'Reos – Great Ancestors. Literally translated “Grandfathers.” (nah-ray-OHS)
nes – nose/smell/principles (NEHZ)
niso – loud/annoying (NEE-soh)
obsidian - A solid black stone denoting great wealth. Typically associated with royalty. (ahb-SIH-dee-ahn)
oco – who/what/when/where/why/how. Denotes a question. (OH-koh)
Oco eb uyo? - How are you? (OH-koh EHB OO-yoh)
Oco Reo ende mort? - Why did father have to die? (OH-koh RAY-oh ehn-DAY MOHRT)
Oco yeth lac'm? - What is your name/What do they call you? (OH-koh YEHTH LAH-kehm)
odog – good/yes (OH-dahg)
Odog, tuti. - good/yes, thank you. (OH-dahg, TOO-tee)
odub – two (OH-duhb)
odwin – down/low (AHD-wihn)
olan – alone (OH-lahn)
olug – A bee-type insect. (OH-luhg)
opre – string/rope (OHP-ruh)
ote – toes/tiptoe/detail (OH-tay)
otum – mouth/speak/opinion (OH-tuhm)
ovinte – wet/fertile (oh-VIHN-tay)
OvinteTiva – Rain Festival, a day of fasting and prayer to the nar'Reos that the summer will be merciful. (oh-VIHN-tay-TEE-vuh)
Pekeer – prince/princess. Literally, “little keeper.” (peh-KEER)
Pekeer-di-teh-Uma – king/queen. Literally, “keeper of the people.” (peh-KEER DIE teh OO-muh)
pets – seven (PEHTZ)
poror – please/favor (poh-ROHR)
prit – three (pr-IHT)
pritPoror – A sweet-smelling flower. Purple and orange in color. Name literally means “three requests.” (pr-IHT-poh-ROHR)
pu – high/upward (POO)
raena – hello/meet/close together (ray-EH-nuh)
rak – dark/shady (RAHK)
Rea – mother (RAY-uh)
relfa – wild/unleashed/all the way (REHL-fuh)
Reo – father (RAY-oh)
reson - A red precious stone. Given to those with great courage and valor in battle. (REH-zuhn)
Reter – great hunter (REE-tr)
Retershollow – home of Reter (REE-trz-HAH-loh)
rhad – solid/hard (RAHD)
rocaed – friend/companion/ally (rah-KAYD)
rosen - A pink semi-precious stone. No meaning is given to it. (ROH-zehn)
Rofes – Ancient Jagumaterran name for the Forests. Means forest. Creative, isn't it? (ROH-fehs)
ry – eye/see/perception (RIE)
Ryedor – Girl Prayed For (RIE-eh-DOHR)
sa – large body of water (SAH)
saft – swift/hurried (SAHFT)
saphronyx - A blue precious stone with clouds of black. Very rare and very treasured. Signifies loyalty. (sah-FRAHN-ihks)
sinu – cousin (SEE-noo)
stemo – tame/withheld/halfway (STEH-moh)
Spitipetle – An enormous, beetle-like insect the size of an elephant with very long antennae used to produce a silver, silken cloth for clothing and bedding. A symbol of the generosity of the nar'Reos. (SPI-tih-PEE-tl)
Tagreh – A feast of gratitude given during harvest season. (TAG-ruh)
Tar'opri – Courtship dances and games. A celebration of coming into adulthood held in the spring. (tar-OH-pree)
teh – equivalent of “the.” (TAY)
TivaIly – Celebration of Dear Ones, a month long birthday.
toc – eight (TAHK)
toncri – sorry/apology (TAHN-kree)
Torifor – Fluffy One (TOHR-ih-fohr)
Toshormo – To Wish for More (tuh-SHOHR-moh)
tuti – Thank you (TOO-tee)
umyt – stomach/eat/security (oo-MEET)
UmytLounder – Heart Feast, a type of wedding anniversary or engagement feast. (oo-MEET-LOWN-dr)
uti – pleasing to look at (oo-TIE)
utor – show/present (oo-TOHR)
uyo – you/yours (OO-yoh)
Vicnor – Victorious Honor (VIHK-nohr)
von – nine (VAHN)
yem – me/I/mine (YEHM)
yeth – they/them (YEHTH)
yeth lac'm. . . - My name is/They call me. . . (YEHTH LAH-kehm)
yo'nopar – you are welcome (YOH-noh-PAHR)
yujos – happy/smile (YOO-johs)
zaror – sharp/on top of it (zuh-ROHR)
zefr – cold/freeze/ignore (ZEH-fr)

Jagumas never refer to themselves directly (I or Me), except for royalty, who use it as a plural pronoun in behalf of all Jagumaterra. Instead, we refer to "my hands" or "my mind." It shows humility and reminds us that we are only parts of one grander whole.