Raena, Yem Sinu!
(Welcome, my Cousins!)

So you have aquired a curiosity for Jagumaterra?

Fear not!

My mind is ready and my tongue is willing to help you with whatever you may be wondering about. My heart was, after all, born and raised in Jagumaterra. My mind should know something about it.

Well! Having said that, my hope is that you will enjoy yourselves reading my posts and continuing your journey of discovering my home land.


Ennoir DeLeval

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yeth Lac'm Ennoir DeLeval

(My name is Ennoir DeLeval)

Raena! Or, my mind supposes that you would say "Hello!" The opportunity to tell you my stories and answer your questions pleases my heart. First, my supposition is that my tongue should tell you a little about my life.

My heart started to beat in Leval, a small villa on the northwest coast of ReaSa. My feet tread the streets of Leval until my age reached ced'Inuq (fifteen), when my path lead to Lanomise, the Jagumaterran Capital. My father and mother (Rea and Reo) had taught me to always fight for my beliefs, no matter what the cost. So when my eyes witnessed the Niyati slay both of my parents and saw how mistreated those in Lanomise, then called Retershollow, were, my mind knew my hands had to put a stop to it.

My ears had heard of a certain captain named Torifor (such a peculiar name for him) and his plans to overthrow the Nikyon. My mind knew my need for guidance in such a new environment.

My heart will always show gratitude for that decision, because it not only opened the path to join forces with my dear friends, Ryedor and Ishikarr, but it also helped my path to cross with Riwaed's.

My feet now tread the steps of the Royal Palace, keeping record of the happenings in Jagumaterra and showing those events to those who may not have known about us before . . . you.

My hearts thanks yours for taking the time to learn of us and our ways.

Seek your path!

Ennoir DeLeval